Mr. Nader Hanna was appointed as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Enterprise LN Corporation, Saskatoon, SK on May 2016. As a dynamic member of the executive team, Mr. Hanna was charged with driving innovation and adapting to a changing landscape. He was selected for demonstrating, successful marketing agile, creative, and emotionally intelligent. The board sought someone who displays these common CMO attributes to balance the team and drive company’s success.

The principal difference between a Chief Marketing Officer and the rest of the executive team is that chief marketing officer are hardwired to view such changes and obstacles as opportunities, not challenges. This approach is crucial–apply it right and you’re looking at company growth and a cozy bottom line. Get it wrong and you’re dealing with business stagnation.

In Mr. Hanna words, Chief Marketing Officer displays stronger traits than other executives do–as we tend to be more innovative and unconventional. We’re also more imaginative, displaying 49% more imagination than other executives. 

Yet a Chief Marketing Officer, however, is not all fun and games. In fact, successful CMOs understand and make more data-driven decisions than others managers. In today’s highly digital and mobile world, it’s not enough for the modern CMO to be simply innovative and imaginative. CMO must also make strategic decisions based on the enormous amounts of data accrued on a daily basis. To drive a company toward success, the Chief Marketing Officer must balance their innovative impulses with an analytical and decisive side.

On the other end of the spectrum, successful Chief Marketing Officer is agile and adaptable. The one who know when to prioritize data over instinct, and vice versa, become the most valuable members of the C-suite. CMO must, above all, be adaptable, because the digital landscape is always changing. Changing business campaigns, retooling initiatives, facing failure, and addressing changing leadership, goals, and teams–these are all obstacles that a Chief Marketing Officer faces routinely.


I am a committed marketing executive who believes that investing relentlessly in people and brands drives winning results and work environments. I build brands that inspire consumer passion and drive the bottom line. I have turned around market-leading businesses and launched award-winning new products. At every step in my career, I have driven quantifiable results and a lasting imprint on those who have worked with and for me. I combine a consistent focus on strategic prioritization and people development to generate efficient, engaged teams to grow businesses.

The Expertise:

With experience across a range of brands, I thrive in environments marked by change and uncertainty. I identify how my business uniquely fills a consumer need and keep my team squarely focused on those priorities. I ensure all team members are set up for success to playing the roles they uniquely can to energize and inspire superior performance.

As the Chief Marketing Officer, my hallmark is developing fresh, focused strategies that drive profitable growth. As a passionate brand advocate, I immerse myself in the business and draw inspiration from history to innovate and reinvent. Through disciplined prioritization, I identify what’s mission-critical and chart a clear path forward. I am an engaging communicator who tells the brand story to advance strategy, rally teams and create compelling and efficient campaigns.


As a leader, I place utmost importance on coaching and mentoring. Through ongoing coaching sessions, I identify and implement action plans that enable my team to perform better in their day-to-day jobs and pursue their long-term aspirations. I believe an inspired team is the most powerful lever in business. My clear vision and inclusive approach engage my people and motivate them to exceed expectations. I work seamlessly with stakeholders across levels and functions and know how to lead through influence to drive results.  The result is a high-performance, high-engagement environment where people want to work and are committed to succeeding.

” Mr. Hanna is a genuine creative talent who has wonderful skills that advance both his business organization . . . and the best ideals of society. Very rare. Many have seen and enjoyed his work, without knowing who was behind that little lift, that little smile you get from seeing something he’s created.”

CMO Achievements:

  • Day to day operating of a world class marketing agency to help local business with their visibility challenges
  • Responsible for architecting and delivering the member experience at one of Saskatchewan’s largest online business directory (SaskBusiness.Directory – Beta Launched 2017)
  • Responsible for the Enterprise Strategy and Governance Model of Saskatchewan’s first Province Wide Experts Union ( – Launched 2016)
  • Established, nurtured and deepen relationships with local partners to enable creation of innovative co-marketing strategies, which drove customers to local stores
  • Demonstrated deep knowledge of IoT/App business models including paid, subscription, and freemium