Mobile App Design

Mobile App Design and Development was at the core of my interest since 2005.  And with the announcement of the forthcoming iPhone iOS4 in Fall 2009, an EMMG’ Client becomes interested in launching a native App for the new hardware. To be able to connect with the Apple iPhone, EMMG had to build a new iOS native app from the ground up. We redesigned the new iPhone compatible app with the primary goal of making the UI intuitive for iOS users. From kickoff to launch, the app was designed, coded and tested in 7 months and released on June 21, 2010.

Apps Development | Snapshot

The Mobile App Designed Snapshot allows an account holder to quickly view balances and a limited number of transactions for their accounts without needing to log on. The Snapshot view of a user’s accounts can either load automatically upon opening the app or appear on a swipe from the home screen.

UX Design | Account Ledger

Part of the Mobile App UX Design, the majority of a user’s experience will take place on the account ledger. It provides an overview of the account, but also allows the user to dive deeper into the account’s details and transaction activity and perform specific actions such as renewing a subscription.

When we were briefed on the project to design the Native iOS App for the forthcoming iPhone, we were told it was unlike any other phone in the market. Therefore I created a concept unlike anything EMMG’ client would ever launch and they just loved it.

About Nader Hanna

Currently the chief marketing officer @ELNCO. Formerly Chief Visionary Officer @ShowcaseSaskatchewan, Strategic Initiative and Product Development Director @EMMG, Operation and Marketing Manager @WindMobile, Senior Experience Designer @NCS and Graphic Designer @BancBoston. Follow my work, words, and photos @NaderHanna.