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I worked on quite a few projects during my tenure at ITW Canada. Below are some samples of Technical SEO work that I didn’t include as discrete portfolio collections.

In 2006, I predicted the active involvement of AI Search Optimization and Social Business, especially around content and keyword research. Also, in some verticals, the organic results will be less coveted because top ranking will go to sites with a great user experience that matches the searcher’s intent.

Today, Google has been tinkering with its new RankBrain algorithm for a little over a year now. And with the expansion of Google’s question/answer knowledge graphs — as well as the push for smart home technologies, I think there will be a need to solve the immediate needs that come from mobile voice search queries as AI will determine the ranking.  The future of SEO will encapsulate a uniquely holistic approach to understanding online search behavior. With the ability today to capture data points as granular as anyone can imagine, success in SEO will require a broad understanding of data analysis, user behavior, and elements of what’s now known as Technical SEO.

Semantic Publishing

InterGovWorld’ Site design provides businesses and government with user-driven content. We proposed a platform where a page could tailor mashup content based on search data and audience consumption on any topic. The site would also feature Dynamic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) utilizing state of the Art Semantic Publishing System.

This unique semantic technology creates an automatic match between the Keywords and the relevant page content and metadata components for valid on page SEO implementation. Mr. Hanna developed this Artifical Intelligent Reader (AIRead) with an advanced assignment algorithm that guarantees only relevant and useful Keywords assigned to pages delivering readability scoring above 87%.

Google’s RankBrain algorithm is improving search results through machine learning, helping translate user intent and semantic search queries.

Dynamic Search Optimization

Mr. Nader Hanna utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology for automatic assignment (association) of the most effective Keywords (Phrases) to the relevant website pages according to the Keyword significance and SEO promotion Suitability.

About is the first website of its kind showcasing Canadian leadership in government collaboration at all levels of the Canadian government.

About Nader Hanna

Currently the chief marketing officer @ELNCO. Formerly Chief Visionary Officer @ShowcaseSaskatchewan, Strategic Initiative and Product Development Director @EMMG, Operation and Marketing Manager @WindMobile, Senior Experience Designer @NCS and Graphic Designer @BancBoston. Follow my work, words, and photos @NaderHanna.